The Wealthy Sexy Rebel mission is to create life-changing experiences that are unique & fun for women entrepreneurs, so that they can create meaningful relationships that will evolve into collaboration, partnership, friendship, and referrals.


A party revolution for women entrepreneurs who want to redefine the way business is done.



In this group you'll find support, celebration, eft-tapping sessions, business trainings, promo opportunities, monthly hot seats, expert interviews, dance parties, and more.

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An intimate gathering for women entrepreneurs who want to connect with other fabulous women, create meaningful relationships, learn, and take action.

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Let's travel the world in sisterhood growing our businesses, making cash, and having fun.

If you've been craving more connection, adventure, sisterhood & fun. This ESCAPE is for you!

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HOLA! (hello in Spanish)
I'm the creator of the Wealthy Sexy Rebel sisterhood and a Cash Creation Coach for women coaches who are ready to own their happiness and create more money their own way, so they can live an inspired life, share their glittery gifts with others, and have the financial freedom—and freedom of choice—to honor their desires today. 

I believe in the power of sisterhood, that confidence is currency, life should feel like an everyday celebration, and that money will show up when we follow the fun. 

Through my signature one-on-one coaching programs, workshops and events I show women how create money their own way and trust their emotions as a business blueprint. 

By helping women master the art of receiving money, pleasure & love, I've started a party revolution where women can break-up with mediocrity and finally realize that they’re worthy of all of life’s riches.

picture by Katya Nicholas Photography
"Lorena’s presence and power is like meeting a rare white peacock a few weeks ago. 
At first I didn’t know what to do with the brilliance of this rare being in front of me.
It took my breath away.
But then I saw how her beauty and wisdom walks deep and true and all I want to do
is trail her while I enjoy and honor my Wealthy Sexy Rebel learning,
laughing in delight of this extraordinary woman."
Lori Sutherland
"I never want to miss the Wealthy Sexy Rebel event when it comes around.
I have developed so many friendships through this space that have supported
my growth as a human being and also brought opportunity to me.
So freaking amazing to find in person connection like that when often
we only see through the filter of a computer screen! I love that the vibe
is always badass and full of inspiration. I learn a lot and I laugh a lot.
Lorena really knows how to throw a party that enlightens and also
makes you want to embrace your own inner rebel. Which I'm ALL FOR!"
Nikki Brocco
"I spoke at Wealthy Sexy Rebel a few days after one of my NYC Goddess On The Go.
At first I was nervous that I would not have the energy to share with the ladies who were attending and 
Lorena's confidence and support of me helped to ease this worry. 
To my surprise I was blown away by the openness and attentiveness the women there shared with me. 
By the end of the talk I knew I had made the right choice to be a part of the evening; I met so many wonderful women that night. 
 There is a certain quality of person that attend Lorena's gatherings. 
 I’ve had the pleasure of developing friendships with the women who attended and many 
becoming personal clients and attending my own events."
Leora Edut
"Of all the networking events in New York, this is the one
I look forward to the most because it's so authentic!
You're surrounded by real women making real connections
and having real fun (you always have fun when Lorena's around).
There's nothing fake about the Wealthy, Sexy, Rebel event because
Lorena is unapologetically herself & she invites all her guests to be the same."  
Paige Wilhide
"From the moment you enter the door at the Wealthy Sexy Rebel event,
you know that this is not a typical networking event.
Lorena wants you to have a fabulous time while getting sh** done.
She brings together a stellar 
group of go-getters to mix and
mingle while sipping champagne and eating 
delicious finger food. 
The room is a wealth of exploration, knowledge, and connections.
Lorena makes sure you leave the Wealthy Sexy Rebel event
with valuable tools and resources to help your business flourish." 
Gisela Viera
"Attending Lorena's Wealthy Sexy Rebel event was absolutely amazing.
As a transformation health coach, I attend a lot of events but there was
something different about this one. From the moment I walked into the room,
I just felt this glorious energy from all the inspirational empowering women.
My biggest take away was that as women entrepreneurs, we have the responsibility
to make the world a better place by living a life filled with love, fun, and success.
Also as a added bonus, meeting Lorena alone made the whole experience out of this world.
Her energy is just contagious. Thank you Lorena. Wouldn't miss your next event for anything!!!"
Elizabeth Fabian
"Wealthy Sexy Rebel is an event you do not want to miss.
 Lorena is not only an amazing host but she has a knack for
bringing together amazing entrepreneurs who are beautiful people you
not only will want to learn about and do business with,
but you will want to stay in touch with them, too.
I was the keynote speaker for a prior Wealthy Sexy Rebel event and
found Lorena a gracious
host, very flexible, and she made the whole space
look beautiful and enticing. I've been lucky 
to attend more than one WSR event,
and Lorena gets fantastic speakers who engage the audience
and bring real value to them.
This is a can NOT miss event - whether you are growing your business,
looking to meet great 
people, or just curious, you need to be there."
Heather Markel
"I wasn't sure what to expect coming to the Wealthy Sexy Rebel event, but from the moment
I stepped into the room, I felt like I was at a party with my sisters! Had a wonderful
time connecting with like-minded ladies in a fun environment."
Diana Dorell
"I have been to hundreds of speaker and networking events in my career.
This is the first time, ever, that walking into the Wealthy Sexy Rebel event felt like a party!
Fun loving, creative women all hugging and supporting each other.
You'd think I wouldn't have gotten any "WORK" done. Actually, I made terrific 
contacts for both my companies while enjoying every minute!"
Maria Gutierrez-Ferrar
"The speakers were great- loved the time to chat too and the mixer portion.
The little treats were great too!"
Katie K
"I went in blind to this Wealthy Sexy Rebel night and I can't even describe our elated I am that I was there!
Lorena is a powerhouse and upon entering the room the energy was so alive and inspiring!
The speakers were fantastic, healthy treats rocked, the women there were so passionate 
and supportive. I made a connection with a fellow soul sister that I feel will last a lifetime!
I will certainly be at the next one and so should you! Meet you there :)"
Kelly Anne Wadler
Lorena's Wealthy, Sexy Rebel events are fabulous gatherings of
wonderful women who support, energize and boost one another
and the guest speakers that are such an integral and informative part of the night.
I was honored to be one of the vendors at her last Wealthy Sexy Rebel event.
I was so inspired I even created a line of manifestation pouches to call in the Wealthy Sexy Rebel in every woman!"
Dee Savoy
“Wealthy Sexy Rebel was a beautiful event, my favorite I've attended!
I am so grateful to have experienced such a beautiful event,
I met some gorgeous women and made some new friends”
Monica Velasquez



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